We are two people who share a passion for adventure, travel and each other. We believe in improving the world wherever we can and inspiring others to live their dreams, whatever they may be.

From first meeting, we knocked each other’s socks off and spent the next two years setting goals and designing our ideal life.  We simply asked ourselves "if there were no barriers, what would our ideal life look like?" The result is that in July 2015, we left our careers in Canberra to set off to live in Europe for a couple of years, write books and produce videos which we hope will make a contribution to the world in some way.



In our professional lives, Cate is a speech pathologist and Julian is a risk management professional. ​This website is a record of how we set about achieving our goals, what worked and what didn't. It's a record of our journey as well as a how-to guide and hopefully an inspiration for anyone thinking about taking the leap to live their goals.




"Life is like pocket money... you shouldn't spend it all in one place"


Julian Talbot & Cate Aichroy